Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kitch-en Gallery Review in The Crack Magazine

Find below a 'Cracking' (excuse the pun) review of the Kitch-en Gallery Relaunch exhibition as published in the May issue of The Crack Magazine. Click here for the article on their website.

Kitch-en Gallery,
Opening night, Newcastle

As the hipsters huddled, sucking sublimely on cigarettes, it was almost as though we’d been transposed to NYC. But no, this was still NCL and it was the opening of pop-up gallery and online art store Kitch-en. I looked at the louche group, yep this is an art opening. Slightly intimidated, I sneaked past those super cool things, expecting scowls and disdainful stares, but I think, I think, I saw a smile. Confidence built up, a tiny bit, I entered the space. Bodies filled the gallery. And not just the, those in the know art crowd. Accounts and artist rubbed shoulders, scenesters and suites joked, lawyers and creatives swapped contacts. The amazing mix mash vibe was hustled along by the grooved up grooves, it was almost like the perfect bar, club, cafĂ© thing, but no, it was a gallery. So to the art work. This was as much a hodgepodge as the crowd. The finely detailed art work of Craww, mixed with the graffiti style work of Sune, juxtaposed with the Parkour photography of Alexander James. The eclectic collection totally summed up everything that Kitch-en Gallery is all about, showing a breadth and variety unseen anywhere else in Newcastle. As I wondered up from the basement I was thinking that it may be time to head home. But I saw a huddle forming. I got to the periphery just in time to see the first skippity moves that occur just before a breakdance move is busted (oh yeah down with the kids). Local street dance heroes, Bad Taste Cru, had been hovering around waiting for the right moment to showcase a few of their trickster skills and wow the crowd. Could this night have got any better? It was then a group of newly made up friends cajoled me to heading to the aftershow soiree at Alvinos. The promise of more Morretti loosened my resolve. Once there I mingled with some of the artists, the Kitch-en boys, and a hundred others. Closing time rolled round way to quick, but by then it really was time to go. So I staggered and smiled into the night.

Full credit goes to Scott Illingworth for writing this for us. Thanks!
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