Thursday, 11 February 2010

Work Arriving

We've been receiving work by our wonderful new line-up of artists all week and we're itching to show you. But I'm afraid that just isn't allowed... it would simply ruin the surprise on March 4th.

I can safely say though you will NOT be disappointed, infact you'll be lucky to get chance to see or buy any of it cos if we had our way we'd keep the lot!! Fortunately for you guys our pockets that aren't very deep ;-)

So far we've got work in by Phlegm, Jess Douglas, Creative Ginger, Alexander James and none other than Mr. JOnes aka Lunartik, and there's more arriving every day.

Our excitement might just spill over and we might, just might, let you into some sneaky obscure preview images of some of the work... but you'll just have to keep your peepers locked onto this here blog to find out, and of course our facebook page.

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