Wednesday, 24 November 2010

ROLL UP ROLL UP: Full Colour Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers

Kitch-en is in the process of launching it's print arm - Kitch-en Print funnily enough, providing high quality, good value printed items. Everything from Flyers to Business Cards, Stickers to Magazines.

Whilst the moles work away in the background to build the fully accessible website for these services we thought we'd let you into some of our special offers available to order now.

Full Colour Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers
High gloss, fully waterproof and super sticky - perfect for slapping up around town!

Any design within a 10 x 10cm base:

100 = £55
250 = £75
500 = £125
1,000 = £210.

PLUS: 10% off when you order 250 or more by Friday 10th December.

All above prices include VAT & Delivery within the UK.
Based on print-ready artwork being supplied by the customer. If you require us to design your stickers this would be an additional cost and quoted seperately depending on requirements.

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