Monday, 1 March 2010

Barry Self - A Retrospective

With help from Sandy at Ghetto Method, we've put together a fantastic collection of photos by Barry Self.

Barry is a North East photographer who relentlessly documented the hip hop & breakdancing scene here in Newcastle and beyond throughout his life. He sadly passed away at the New Year and now Kitch-en Gallery has the privilege of presenting his very fine collection of photos, many of them never seen before. RIP Barry, known by many, forgotten by none!

This video slideshow will be projected into our window display on alternate nights from 5 - 9pm over the next week or so so be sure to go and take a look. We'll also be featuring a number of Barry's photos in our relaunch exhibition so don't miss that either.

Barry Self - A Retrospective from Kitch-en Gallery on Vimeo.

1 comment:

ghetto method collective said...

some fantastic images from newcastles crowning moments in hip hop and dance, rip barry with big respect from the gmc. you will be missed.

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