Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Relaunch Review

On Thursday 4th March 2010 at 6pm inside a disused shop unit in Newcastle (and in the virtual world of www dots all around the world) Kitch-en Gallery officially relaunched with a brand new line-up artists and a slick new website.

The doors opened and crowds of people flocked in to witness the specially curated exhibition of Limited Edition Prints, Originals and Vinyl Toys by the likes of Ben the Illustrator, Phlegm, Craww, Alexander James, Joel Millerchip, Matt JOnes aka Lunartik, Mr Arteest, Jessie Douglas, Tom Satchell, Myne, JamFactory, Creative Ginger, European Animal, Cloud Commission, Mobstr, Lunabee, Mr Guy, Malarky P, Amy Dover and more…

On the ones and twos Mudfoot Blaps kept the vibe alive pushing out funky sounding delights with the beats and basslines only attracting more people in off the street.

As the crowd grew so did their confidence, local artists took to the temporary graff wall. Armed with Poscas a tagging battle emerged and by the end of the night the wall was left looking like a layered abstract suitable for a white cube gallery.

Eight o’clock came around far too quickly and the crowd started to disperse, eager to head down to the aftershow party but there was a surprise in store. From a dark corner a group formed, clearing the floor in front of them. The beats got louder and slower and an audience gathered round as acclaimed North East breakdancers Bad Taste Cru broke out into a headspinning, body popping spectacle. What a perfect end to an all round amazing preview of good things to come from the reborn Kitch-en Gallery.

Following on from the exhibition preview, the aftershow party bubbled on til the early hours in the super cool surroundings of Newcastle’s only urban art bar: Alvinos where infamous Leeds graff artist Sune and local legend Vigo had earlier collaborated to create a masterpiece of artwork on the Terrace.

With thanks to our kind sponsors:

• Ridley Properties - for letting us use the space;
• Davies Bell & Reed and Sponsors Club for The Arts - for matchfunding cash support; 
• Newcastle City Council – for DCLG funding;
• Art AV - for lending us projectors and
• Alvinos Bar - for their hospitality and hosting the aftershow party.

Kitch-en Gallery fully supports The Renmen Project – art in aid of UNICEF’s Haiti Appeal.

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